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Gratitude and Entitlememt

How much do we take for granted, simple things like turning on a tap and clean water comes out, amazing filtered rain water if you live in the country and that is your only source of water.  Read Now!

Self Worth, Guilt and Shame

So many Beings on this planet, in the 3D paradigm are carrying feelings of Guilt, Shame and Unworthiness.  It is projected onto us daily via our media, our society, our peers, the  "legal system" , religion .  We are told that we aren't good enough, aren't earning enough money, that our bodies should be different ( bigger breasts, penis, butt, muscles, taller, slimmer, smarter, wealthier  etc etc. ) Our parents unwittingly have expectations of us, which were imposed on them via their parents, society, cultural parameters etc and back it goes down the family lines.  Read Now!

Societal Devices

We all go through our lives thinking that we are free and liberated, that we have it together and know what we are doing.  Read Now!

Heart Thoughts

 How we can be more Heart Centred ? Read Now!

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