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Turkey Tail -Trametes versicolor

Turkey Tail Mushroom, another amazing fungi with wonderful curative properties. ... Read this Article

Five Mushroom Mix

An amazing mixture of Medicinal Mushrooms to aid in your overall health ... Read this Article

Black Copal Resin

Black copal resin is used on a charcoal block to clear the energy in the home. ... Read this Article

Antiviral mix

A broad spectrum Antivral mixture ... Read this Article

Red Root - Ceanothus americanus

This is an amazing new addition to our range. ... Read this Article

Lions Mane - Hericium erinaceus

This Mushroom promotes neurogenesis and is good for Alzheimers, Parkinsons, M.S . ... Read this Article

Maitake - Grifola frondosa

Maitake is the Japanese name for the mushroom, Grifola frondosa. Curiously, Maitake in Japanese means ‘the dancing mushroom’. ... Read this Article

Palo Santo -Bursera graveolens

Used to clear energy, ground and aid in meditation and going deeper in healing work. Palo Santo is used for its energetically cleansing and healing properties similar to Sage and Cedar. ... Read this Article

Jarrah - Eucalyptus marginata

This Australian Bush remedy has so many amazing qualities. ... Read this Article

Jasmine Flower Essence - Jasminum officinale

This essence will increase Yin energy and brings a deep aura of femininity to the user. ... Read this Article

Herbal Super Mineral Powder

This mixture of Herbal Powders , Stevia and Bee Pollen is a pwerful addition to your smoothies or as a stand alone supplement ... Read this Article

Herbal Mouth wash

This Herbal Mouth wash may help with Gingivitis, halitosis, tooth ache, mouth ulcers, oral candida . Also can be used to fresh your breath after a meal laden with garlic or if you are a smoker .
... Read this Article

Agua Da rosa (Heart Spray)

This is for opening up the Heart and healing old wounds ... Read this Article

Agua da Ruda Plus

This is a Shamanic spray for clearing space and cleansing your home / objects/ self of negative energies. ... Read this Article

Heavy Metal Detox

All of the herbs listed below are high in any of the following Sulphur, calcium, VitaminC , Magnesium, chlorophyll, zinc, molybdenum, selenium . These minerals , vitamins and compounds chelate heavy metals and remove them from the body . ... Read this Article

Herbal Chai Mix

This mixture is a herbal tincture version of Chai. It tastes great and all the flavours are much more subtle . ... Read this Article

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